Genus: Gastrochilus:
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  • China South-Central, China, Asia Temperate
  • Hainan, Asia Temperate
  • Tibet, Asia Temperate
  • Assam, Asia Tropical
  • Bangladesh, Asia Tropical
  • East Himalaya, Asia Tropical
  • Nepal, Asia Tropical
  • West Himalaya, Asia Tropical
  • Andaman Is., Asia Tropical
  • Myanmar, Asia Tropical
  • Nicobar Is., Asia Tropical
  • Thailand, Asia Tropical
  • Vietnam, Asia Tropical
  • Jawa, Asia Tropical
  • Malaya, Asia Tropical
  • Philippines, Asia Tropical
  • Sumatera, Asia Tropical
Common Name: เสือลาย bloom_month: March
  • Aerides calceolaris Buch.-Ham. ex Sm. (1818)
  • Aerides leopardorum Wall. ex Hook.f. (1890)
  • Epidendrum calceolare (Buch.-Ham. ex Sm.) D.Don (1825)
  • Gastrochilus calceolaris var. biflora L.R.Shakya & M.R.Shrestha (2007)
  • Gastrochilus philippinensis Ames (1915)
  • Saccolabium calceolare (Buch.-Ham. ex Sm.) Lindl. (1833)
  • Sarcochilus nepalensis illeg Spreng. (1826)
Raoul CERE
Gchls. calceolaris
Roland Amsler
Gchls. calceolaris
Diep Dinh Quang
Gchls. calceolaris
Gchls. calceolaris
Lanu Jamir
Gchls. calceolaris
Maria Manuela Martins
Gchls. calceolaris
Naresh Swami
Gchls. calceolaris
Maria Manuela Martins
Gchls. calceolaris
Pim Little
Gchls. calceolaris
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